The purpose of this project is to implement a nesting beach conservation program in Orango National Park. The Bijagos Archipelago hosts the largest green turtle nesting assemblage in West Africa. The intent of this project is to protect nesting sea turtles and nests from poaching. Activities include: (1) community-based patrols on the eight main nesting beaches totaling 52 km; (2) providing training on sea turtle conservation and techniques to community patrolers and Park Rangers; and (3) conducting community outreach and education activities through informal meetings, community radio stations, National Park management committee meetings, cinema debate, and marine surveillance. (2016-2018)

Former Project Title:

  • Strengthening conservation of sea turtle populations through community participation in the Bijagos Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau (2014-2015)
    • This project will implement community-based patrols on Unhocomo and Unhocomozinho Island nesting beaches within the Bolama-Bijagos Biosphere Reserve to conduct standardized surveys and protect nests and nesting females, characterize local artisanal fisheries and conduct field studies and surveys to assess sea turtle bycatch by artisanal fishers, and conduct education and outreach programs in local communities and schools.
  • Conservation and management of sea turtle populations in the Bijagos Archipelago (Guinea- Bissau): engaging local communities and strengthening national technical capacity (2010-2014)
    • This grant supports capacity building of local communities and the National Park Agency (IBAP) to carry out sea turtle conservation programs at Joao Vieira-Poilao Marine National Park and Orango National Park where poaching of nests and nesting females is still common. These Parks respectively host the largest green turtle nesting population in Africa and one of the largest olive ridley nesting population in the region.