Several governance-related actions contribute to addressing wildlife crime in Gabon. At macro level, the country developed a Strategic Economic Plan “Emerging Gabon” that is focused on sustainable forestry and fisheries. In addition, the country developed a National Elephant Action Plan (NEAP), a National Ivory Action Plan (NIAP), co-chairs the UN Group of Friends on Poaching and Illicit Wildlife Trafficking, is a signatory of the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI) and was an active participant in drafting the UN General Assembly Resolution on Wildlife Crime.

The project supports the implementation of the National Ivory Action Plan implementation, i.a. by creating a database on natural resources, the procurement of equipment for establishing a lab specializing in the traceability of ivory, and the development of an international network of laboratory experts. The activities include trainings on judicial proceedings, interrogation and analysis relating to elephant poaching and ivory trafficking. Furthermore, the project recruited 45 eco-guards (45) conducting annual anti-poaching operations. Moreover, two joint patrol planning workshops have been organized, a surveillance vehicle has been acquired for the mobile Brigade and their patrol surveillance missions are regularly carried out. The acquisition of a motorized boat dedicated to cross-border surveillance is underway as well as the construction of the Doussala surveillance antenna. In addition, the annual joint patrol planning workshops between Gabon and the Republic of Congo are supported.