This project will improve the management of wildlife product storerooms in Botswana, home to Africa’s largest elephant population, through a secure, detailed digital inventory that includes protocols for handling and logging of ivory and other seized illegal wildlife products. Ivory accrued from mortalities and seizures is held in government stockpiles and storerooms across Africa. The illicit demand for ivory means that without proper security and management, stockpiles are vulnerable to leakage onto the black market through corruption and theft. Botswana committed to stopping the illegal trade in ivory and to inventorying and auditing their ivory storeroom prior to this years wildlife summit in London in October. Stop Ivory is a non-governmental organization that has developed an inventory and marking procedure that has become the internationally accepted standard for ivory inventory. These funds will be used to catalogue the existing stockpile of ivory in Botswana and train Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks staff to maintain the inventory of seized items.