The purpose of this project is to build the capacity to address illegal wildlife trade, particularly trade in gibbons in this landscape by (1) conducting detailed surveys into wildlife trade networks operating in the landscape; (2) building capacity and interest in frontline enforcement officers from the SAWS landscape in tackling wildlife crimes by presenting a five day training program for frontline enforcement officers to build their awareness, interest and capacity to address illegal wildlife trade in their work area; and (3) developing provincial and national communications on the biodiversity and threats to the SAWS landscape by co-hosting with the Southern Institute of Ecology a workshop to present information on the SAWS biodiversity and threats to provincial and national government departments, party officials and corporations This workshop will include key stakeholders Cambodian portion of the landscape. This project will increase the number of wildlife crimes detected and people arrested and prosecuted in two provinces; generate information on key networks trafficking illegal wildlife products and logs from Cambodia’s Seima Protected Forest and the wider landscape in Vietnam towards Vietnamese markets; build political interest and support within key stakeholder groups to the values, importance and threats to this landscape; and identify key supporters within the stakeholder groups that can influence provincial and national policy decisions on the future of this landscape.

Former Project Title:

  • Strengthening Conservation of Yellow-Cheeked Crested Gibbon and other Endangered Wildlife in the Southern Annamites Western Slopes Landscape of Vietnam and Cambodia