The purpose of this project is to combat wildlife trafficking between two high priority Asian countries, Myanmar and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). This project is intended to conserve a wide range of species that have been recorded as being trafficked into the PRC This is expected to include in particular freshwater turtles and tortoises (with 19 globally threatened species recorded in the trade, of which 8 are endemic to Myanmar), Sunda and Chinese pangolins, Asian and African elephant, tiger and other cat species, bears, and also potentially marine species such as sharks and rays, and the giant clam. Specific activities include: (1) supporting law enforcement agencies in identifying criminal networks and trafficking dynamics along the Mandalay trade route to the Muse-Ruili border and into the PRC (2) strengthening law enforcement processes along the trafficking route by building the capacity of law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute wildlife crimes, as well as handle evidence and confiscated animals; (3) enhancing international cooperation at national and regional levels through facilitation and support for inter-agency coordination, bilateral dialogues between Myanmar and the PRC and coordination with the UNODC-supported Border Liaison Office in Muse City.