The purpose of this project is to support a binational conservation effort in the Sierra del Merendon transboundary region, including the Sierra Caral Reserve in Guatemala and Cusuco National Park in Honduras. The project is intended to conserve a critical jaguar corridor for regional connectivity by addressing illegal hunting and habitat incursions. Specific activities include: (1) designing a collaborative database to collect and systematize information on threats; (2) conducting patrols to detect, deter, and prosecute illegal activities; (3) conducting passive acoustic monitoring for gun hunting patterns in core areas; (4) implementing an adaptive patrol plan to mitigate habitat threats; (5) training park staff in SMART monitoring protocols and passive acoustic monitoring of gun hunting patterns; (6) strengthen community park guard groups living in the protected areas in both countries; and (7) creation of a Binational Working Group for the Conservation of Sierra del Merendon.