The purpose of this project is to identify the actors, drivers and supply chains in the illegal hunting, transporting, selling, buying, and consumption of flying foxes (giant fruit bats) in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia and to use that information to develop national and multinational programs to reduce flying fox hunting. A standardized interview method will be developed to collect information about flying fox trafficking during a multinational workshop with researchers, conservationists and relevant government staff from the three target countries. This method will be used in seven pilot sites in the three countries. The results will be shared and discussed during a national stakeholders meeting in each country where national action plans and theories of change to combat flying fox trafficking will be developed. In each country, a communication campaign and law enforcement strengthening program will be developed and conducted in one pilot site to promote behavioral change towards flying foxes. The project will be concluded with a multinational workshop to share information, experiences and best practices, to incorporate a standardized monitoring system of flying fox numbers, hunting and people’s attitudes towards flying foxes and to discuss future collaborative activities to combat flying fox trafficking.