This project supports protection of elephants in Yankari Game Reserve in Nigeria. This small population of 100-150 elephants is one of the few remnant populations surviving in this part of Africa, and is therefore regionally and nationally important. Past support from USFWS supported the introduction of overnight anti-poaching patrols, the implementation of a ranger-based patrol monitoring system, and the acquisition of patrol vehicles to increase patrol coverage. No elephants have been poached since May 2015. However, poaching is still a threat to Yankaris elephants and continued support is required to ensure that the population stabilizes and begins to recover. This years proposal will fund operational costs of anti-poaching patrols including rations and equipment, refresher training for rangers, aerial support to detect and respond to any illegal incursions using a plane based in northern Cameroon, and support for a conservation education outreach program in order to make local residents aware of the rarity and the importance of these surviving elephants.